Code of Conduct


            VEGUM a.s. is a responsible employer that conducts its activities – including development, distribution a sales of products – with respect for human rights, environment, safety and protection of health at work.

            Code of Conduct is dedicated to define main principles which have to be obeyed by management and all employees of the company.

            Ethical proceeding and goodwill has crucial importance for successful and long-term operation of company on the market.





·               Legislative requirements (laws, regulations)


VEGUM a.s., suppliers and subcontractors commit to operate in full compliance with relevant laws and regulations applicable to their operations in the countries in which they operate.

Suppliers shall agree to comply with this Code by confirming of orders and also it is their responsibility to require their subcontractors to comply with provisions in this Code.


·               Company`s goodwill and its protection


Company`s goodwill and its protection by the employees belongs to the most important values obeyed by the company. Every employee cares about good reputation of the company and protection of its interests; an employee acts in order to not harm the goodwill of company.


·               Relationship to employees


The company hires an employee according to his / her abilities without any religious, national or racial discrimination, no matter of his / her flesh-color, age or gender. Every employee is obligated to act in compliance with rules and principles of mutual confidence and collaboration, to protect interests of the company and with respect to his / her colleagues.

All employees are free to exercise their rights to form, join or refrain from joining organizations representing their interests as employees.

The company respects the employee`s right to collectively bargain.

No employee shall be subject to corporal punishment or to psychical, verbal or sexual abuse or harassment.

Child labor, forced or involuntary labor is not tolerated in any form.

Working time is kept in compliance with the laws in force.

All employees are treated according to their abilities and qualification, including hiring, advancement, compensation, benefits, training and termination.


·               Health & safety of employees


The company endeavours to create clean and healthy working environment and constantly takes appropriate actions to prevent workplace accidents or occupational disease.


·               Environmental protection


The company organizes its production in way that it respects and fulfills legislative requirements concerned to environmental protection. VEGUM also guarantees that manufactural activity has no negative impact on environment.

All suppliers are asked to follow this principle, as well as observation of environmental legislative in force.


·               Relationship to competitors


The company respects good manners and rules of economic competitions. The company respects laws regulating competition relationships and does not harm reputation of its competitors.


·               Relationship to customers


Company`s priority is customer`s satisfaction, examination of his request and satiation of his wants. In relationship to customer company applies fair-dealing, fair approach and personal responsibility.


·               Transactions with related persons


Members of board of directors of the company and supervisory board of the company are obliged to inform authorities which they are members of about their entrepreneurial, family or other relationships outside of company, that could impact their decisions in connection with a specific transaction.


·               Protection of creditors


Bodies of the company, including TOP managers, commit themselves to not prefer any creditors.


·               Internal communication


Management of the company is responsible for implementation of information of its employees about their right & duties resulting from this Code. Also it is responsible for keeping of proper documentation, in order to prove conformity of activities of company and its suppliers with this Code.




Dolné Vestenice 20.1.2011








                                                             Doc. RNDr. Jozef  T R N O V E C , CSc.

                                                                                Managing director