History of VEGUM company


-        VEGUM is situated in Dolné Vestenice - village, which occurs on  south sidehills of Strážovské vrchy, in a valley of Nitrica river.


-           The beginning of rubber production is dated since half of year 1952.  Since  1st of  January  1969  the  company  has  been   integrated  within       federal establishment as independent national enterprise in trust of technological- commercial enterprise Slovchémia, with its headquarters in Bratislava. Along with intensive  expansion  within  years 1984 – 1990  the company encounters several organization changes, which was given by exercising of particular state policy.


-           till 1st of July 1989 - Gumárne SNP, national enterprise

-           till 1st of April 1990 Gumárne SNP, concern

-           till 1st of January 1991 Gumárne SNP, state enterprise

-           since 28th of January 1991 - VEGUM, joint-stock company

-          since 4th of January 1996  was privatized by employee joint-stock  company VEZMOS Dolné Vestenice, which was shareholder of 100 % of VEGUM capital

-         on 5th of December 2007 extraordinary general meeting  of VEGUM has elected a new board of directors :

Ing.  P. Jakubec                              - chairman of directorship

Doc.RNDr.J. Trnovec,CSc.           - member of directorship

Ing. V. Kres                                      - member of directorship


-          on 15th of May 2009 general meeting of VEGUM has elected a new board of directors:

Doc.RNDr.J.Trnovec, CSc.           - chaiman of directorship

Mgr.L.Tóth                                        - member of directorship

Ing.P.Janega                                    - member of directorship